The Battle of The Blue

The Battle of The Blue
Rebel forces charge the Topeka Battery at Mockbee farm, original painting by Benjamin Mileham


                                A battle map of the area around Kansas City, October 1864 
                     From: "A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans", by William E. Connelley
                              Detail of Jackson Co. Missouri, from the diary of S.J.Reader
                                          Courtesy of the Kansas State Historical Society    

                                                 Detail of the Mockbee farm battlefield  
                                                       From the diary of S.J.Reader   

                                Overview of the Kansas/Missouri border in the battlefield area
                                      and the southern retreat of the Confederate forces   
                                                   From the diary of S.J.Reader

                                              The Battle of Westport, 23 October,1864                                           

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  1. Thank you - very informative! Posted info to my ancestor's site. He and his son were taken captive. Elias Baker Williams and Levi.